Pierre Woodman
Pierre Woodman

Pierre Woodman – one of the most famous Directors of porn that the porn industry has made incredible strides. More than twenty years in the strawberry Woodman has created more than 200 full adult films he has made over thousands of videos pornography and conducted more than seven thousand castings. In some videos, Woodman, and myself participated in sexual pleasures, after all, what real man would refuse free sex. Pierre far from handsome, but he knows how to punish passionate Babes.

Woodman (Woodman) is a pseudonym, which Pierre had received in childhood. He loved to spend much time in the woods and friends began to call him "wild man" (woodman). Real name is Pierre Andre Herbie. Birthplace of the porn Director in the French town of Auvergne. His virginity was not happy, the family of Pierre is constantly in need of money and he began to work early. At the age of 15 Herbie started to work and in two years he managed to visit: a photographer, a bartender and store clerk. In 17 years, Pierre went to the army, and after serving and returning home, he became a COP. In the guardians of the rule of law Woodman long delayed, in 1983 in search of a better life, he went to Paris. There are twenty-year-old guy she met Piotr Stanislas, the famous porn actor, who introduced Pierre to the world of strawberries. However, to work in the porn industry Woodman began only nine years later (1992). And immediately he said loudly about themselves, firing as he has a few porn pictures ("Tatiana", "Pyramid", "Riviera"). His debut movie had a definite storyline, but the audience will remember for violent bed scenes. By staging the sex Woodman to take a responsible attitude, he knew how to captivate and interest the audience. And in 1997 Pierre Woodman created the project - "Casting X" that there were girls who wanted to get in the porn industry. Pierre asked them provocative questions, asked to strip on camera, masturbate, and sometimes himself to have sex with damsels. In General, no framework, no hesitation and only one rule – to listen to Woodman. The project has received tremendous popularity, and at the moment has left more than a hundred of his series. "Casting X" is good because it's the one without plays, it feels incredibly realistic. Well and naturally, and then many porn-Directors took over the idea of Woodman and began to conduct the same castings. In 1999, Pierre moved to gonzo-pornography. This is such a strawberry, in which renters gradually involve in the process of sexual pleasures. For example, you shoot, as others engaged in passionate sex and then join them, of course, still remove the whole process. And in these films, Woodman also has shown itself perfectly, it even worked for some time at the Larry Flynt, the porn-rich. Now Pierre continues to prove himself in the porn industry, he is still in demand, the Director of films for adults.

Pornographic films of the Woodman has created a lot, and his most famous films is the trilogy "sex City". Is this the porn remake of the film "sin City". All right with the plot, a good scope and most importantly – a huge number of different sex. Fascinating porn Pierre is able to remove.

On our site we can watch porn Pierre Woodman, they will give you a huge amount of emotion, passion and hot sex. Woodman loves brutal sex, all of his directorial work is soaked in it.

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  • Born: 29.04.1963
  • Birthplace: France, Auvergne
  • Videos: 9
  • Height: 185
  • Weight: not specified
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