Lisa Ann
Lisa Ann

It's frightening to think that Lisa Ann was born in 1972, but still it is a well known figure in the porn industry and retire Anne is not going. Although her fate was completely different to emerge. In 1990, Lisa was trained in medical school to be a dentist and to be able to afford the tuition, she began to moonlight as a stripper. And it was after the Striptease beauty realized that she can earn a decent money with his body. And I must admit that the figure she is really gorgeous. In 1993, 21-tionality Lisa started to shoot movies for adults. Four fruitful years she spent in the American porn industry and has achieved significant heights, however, in 1997, Ann went from pornography. The desire to take a break the girl is explained by the fear of Contracting AIDS, which many girls of her profession were affected. For nine years, Ann went back into the strip, which greatly upset his many fans. However, in 2006, 34-tchetyresta Lisa returned to the strawberry, first as agent and then in the usual status of porn Actresses. And her return was seen in the same year, Anne has won several awards - CAVR — comeback of the year, XRCO Awards — best oral sex scene and XRCO Award — comeback of the year.

As of 2014, Ann starred in more than 450 pornographic films and has directed 14 pictures for adults. All the films with the participation of Busty Lisa it's hard to remember, but there is a film that in her work stands alone. Came satirical pornographic film "Who's f'ing Palin?" ("Who's Nailin' Paylin?") in 2008 and received the most diverse popularity throughout the world. The first is the plot of the film is incredibly ambiguous and with a lot of hidden subtexts. Lisa Ann played Sarah Palin, the former Governor of Alaska and candidate for Vice-President of the United States. And "balls" Sarah in this film in full, with the various characters. The second is the participation in the painting of other famous porn Actresses (jada fire in the role of Condoleezza rice and Nina Hartley as Hillary Clinton and Holly West in the role of interns in the White house). And most importantly – a sea explicit sex scenes. We can say that the role of "Busty Gubernatorsky" forever made the Lisa in the history of American porn industry.

Lisa Ann is still active in films for adults, and does so with great fervor and diligence. Time goes, and her beauty and ability to have an orgasm on camera is not getting worse. See a picture with Lisa Ann on our site.

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  • Born: 09.05.1972
  • Birthplace: United States, Easton, PA
  • Videos: 176
  • Height: 158
  • Weight: 50
Lisa Ann in Twitter: @thereallisaann

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TLAE Episode 002 Pink Floyd Concert Story 2min53sec via @YouTube

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I added a video to a @YouTube playlist TLAE Episode 002 Pink Floyd Concert Story 2min53sec

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TLAE Episode 002 Pink Floyd Concert Story 2min53sec: via @YouTube

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SO MUCH FUN yesterday!!!!

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TLAE Episode 002 $5000 for a Butt Rub 42sec via @YouTube

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I added a video to a @YouTube playlist TLAE Episode 002 $5000 for a Butt Rub 42sec

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TLAE Episode 002 $5000 for a Butt Rub 42sec: via @YouTube

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