Lexi Diamond
Lexi Diamond

Lexi diamond is a skinny bitch with elastic milkings, sexy body and working holes. Removed, massive corruption, great members and serves willingly engaged in lesbian pleasure. She could easily find its place in the classroom pornography and continues to realize itself and a great show.

Year of birth – 1990, city - Canog Park, California. Real name – Stephanie Fawn, her alias sound beautiful. Childhood and adolescence spent in the city of Palmdale. Has Mexican roots, this is evident in her appearance, is it something Latin. At school she dropped out because the family was poor and Stephanie early start to work. At the age of eighteen years, began to live separately from their parents, danced a Striptease, she liked it, but good income did not bring. Then the babe decided to try himself in the strawberry, the first Agency with which she worked - World Modeling. Immediately began to get powerful pornography with her participation, such that on one hot breath visible.

And it is about Lexi Diamond, we can say that her looks are deceiving, this fragile girl gets up in debauchery these things that my head begins to go round. It can be called a real beast and a hot whore. Worked on such famous pornographic Studio: Brazzers, Digital Sin, Zero Tolerance and other and carrying on with the real stars hot pornography as males, and Chicks. Admits that to her pleasure the same sex as with girls and with men, and that each of debauchery in front of the cameras she tries to take the maximum pleasure, so it is much easier to do. And also important is the fact that she was invited to feature strawberry and in such films lexi often get the leading roles. In General, she loves to be the center of attention, so often gives interviews Frank nature in which tells about many things. And the beauty says her main hobby and passion is quality sex.

Strawberry with sexy Lexi Diamond you can see we have on the site, cool videos, versatile joy, fun, and full of lust. This attractive bitch is in the juice that she always shows.

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  • Born: 28.12.1990
  • Birthplace: United States, Canog Park, California
  • Videos: 3
  • Height: 157
  • Weight: 47
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Lexi Diamond in Twitter: lexi_diamond

Ahhh FCK! lost like 400 followers. Gotta get on tweeting game #nobullshit

17:58, 02.07.2015

Yay finally got my account fixed :)

17:05, 02.07.2015

new number dm me if u want , really .....dm me .

02:53, 24.05.2015

#4am #boozecruise #selfie #lexidiamond https://t.co/YG85tGaFV8

23:57, 11.05.2015

Hopefully shooting in @JOJODNB 's vid this sat. follow back already lol #LA #DopeCity #PrettyGirls http://t.co/LbtrCVEmy3

01:43, 06.05.2015

https://t.co/rEnQSgUafJ <new ringtone :) http://t.co/uBUZR40fip

05:43, 05.05.2015

https://t.co/KG9lhnEOfB boys frm my hometown :) @JOJODNB #dopefreshnation #ThrowbackThursday http://t.co/scTfiVMXpE

05:44, 24.04.2015

another day in paradise.. yea right #fuck#hangover#hustlegamecertified https://t.co/xD3jfHUUFE

18:41, 23.04.2015

niiight lol https://t.co/P1rO7FRJWa

09:52, 23.04.2015

ha they finally have commercials for my fav #deleontequila https://t.co/ud09dP7emI

02:59, 23.04.2015

tig old bitties https://t.co/ayXX6rZJSr

06:28, 18.04.2015

F U stuffy nose n sore throat .. https://t.co/ZG2HP5ZukU

17:58, 16.04.2015

hate being up early. blahhh

16:29, 16.04.2015

cops are shooting people like crazy now.the officer "accidentally" used his gun, when he was supposed to use his taser? #smh

18:19, 13.04.2015

:)) https://t.co/03eSNCvGGc

05:28, 11.04.2015

i swear swear some people r stupid. u hand them a job and they dont believe u. fuckin stupid

20:43, 10.04.2015

bedtime early. gonna watch sum @DGK vids . n have dreams of marrying all of them. #fuckeverybody #sweetdreams http://t.co/eOW6rqmXU6

08:35, 10.04.2015

Omg @chrisdelia was on #BeiberRoast. I've met him he's awesome. Chris u already know ;}

06:12, 06.04.2015

<3 https://t.co/4svFXleiBY

10:07, 05.04.2015

Xoxxx http://t.co/B9QneyFpjd

04:32, 03.04.2015

3rd eye...#diamondsupplied https://t.co/CYVTadU6c9

04:17, 03.04.2015

"Even in her will, Keep it trill. Shake it it all for satin, just to paint her nails n pay her bills" -ASAP rocky :P http://t.co/KvF4XpX2mX

02:42, 28.03.2015

Ooo https://t.co/OV4Jhex4Ac

02:21, 28.03.2015

Good way to start my friday #huningtonbeach#hot#funfriday ;) https://t.co/ejtplNGptE

00:28, 28.03.2015

Fresh audi T in the mail. #pjsfordays https://t.co/gmPvIzOBld

04:29, 27.03.2015


10:57, 26.03.2015

. https://t.co/hPTDuvvJSi

10:47, 26.03.2015

Bored .lol https://t.co/PygC4ZI0TI

10:35, 26.03.2015

Thats wassup #that90sshit#doug https://t.co/cemKsSsgID

08:34, 26.03.2015

Obsessed with baths lately :p http://t.co/UjjEVFFLld

07:44, 26.03.2015

:))) https://t.co/jQumRFQDXY

07:40, 26.03.2015

Bored af in the car https://t.co/VBG6S2xtt1

08:59, 25.03.2015

Haha just saw an old co worker @amiamiley on KTLA channel 5. Shes a bitch tho but still cool

17:20, 23.03.2015

Im hungover so ima post a skanky pic to feel better ..lol #realtalk https://t.co/iclb8Kh28F

19:40, 22.03.2015

Barely even spring and it was beautiful at the beach yesterday :) http://t.co/6PIXDXKSfM

02:35, 17.03.2015

HB https://t.co/aK8CkS2gbo

13:28, 13.03.2015

T + S <3 https://t.co/2xzXW9s9m9

13:21, 13.03.2015

Matte black emblem. Niiice. Miss mine tho lol https://t.co/ullh473ltK

11:30, 12.03.2015


14:00, 09.03.2015

Anyone have a RM for rent in the valley ?

13:13, 09.03.2015

Huntington beach was kool today https://t.co/gGL2YSwClJ

06:21, 08.03.2015

Cant sleep ughhh https://t.co/Sfk82yFBQv

15:20, 07.03.2015

Do you need an ID to reload a greendot card? Google doesn't have answers lol

21:46, 05.03.2015

Kinduh faded lol https://t.co/3E2Kla27BW

19:54, 05.03.2015

I miss my baby :( http://t.co/RJDaRTPCNd

04:58, 05.03.2015

..praying court goes good for my friend today in van Nuys. Wish I could go :( #fuckjail

17:30, 04.03.2015

:) http://t.co/Bv6XztZZx7

21:00, 21.02.2015

Thought I was havin a. Bad day. @youngscrap RTd. Life is good

20:58, 21.02.2015


01:25, 07.02.2015

I need a driver to take me around LA. Serious ppl only plzz

23:02, 04.02.2015

dope shiiieeeet http://t.co/xzg0VjIHN2 #pandora

16:14, 16.01.2015

Why do I always get eggs ? ...that shits creepy af

16:09, 16.01.2015

Thank u for the happy birthdays:)

21:17, 28.12.2014

Corrupted little mind. See It shine, ha

07:30, 28.12.2014

My phones wallpaper lol. #exboyfriends #sigh #misshim http://t.co/RWnOh4FRKp

07:11, 28.12.2014

U better Follow homeboy @wisdom_RK

09:58, 24.12.2014

My wallper would be that #illumanticproduct http://t.co/9PFAd66ObI

23:39, 18.12.2014

:) me and my little dog http://t.co/sbmSnFaVhm

00:05, 14.12.2014

Cant sleep so ill post a boobie pic :) http://t.co/bCzG9NavRg

14:40, 13.12.2014

Taking pics for my agent today ..im nervous blahh

18:01, 11.12.2014

Shooting tomorrow for the first time like yrs , new content coming up for u pervs :P

06:34, 11.12.2014

Made a phone call to @DirectModels, hopefully u guys see some new stuff. No joke lol

21:11, 10.12.2014

Fans? #fuckinawsome

11:12, 08.12.2014

Guess cuz he getting locked up... im the #emotionalpunchingbag

09:26, 08.12.2014

Getting dumped sux...

09:00, 08.12.2014

:) http://t.co/lXQlTuG1dP

02:25, 08.12.2014

22.7 wuuut lol

05:19, 23.11.2014

Can't sleep fuuuuck

16:57, 09.11.2014

Court today..judge was legit :))

21:13, 07.11.2014

Follow my friend @Cash1022 dope shit :)

07:21, 07.11.2014

<3 http://t.co/BGv00nUGkc

23:07, 21.10.2014

Shower time biiish :P http://t.co/oZ75XNDokD

07:06, 16.10.2014

my hair looks blue. Lol http://t.co/HKoR7XzKxU

03:42, 16.10.2014

my fav <3 http://t.co/GmSBE7IRyS #pandora

06:29, 15.10.2014

:] http://t.co/g0aPvoIDqb

03:58, 14.10.2014

Some cool ass followers lately

10:10, 10.10.2014

I can't even change my password.. If u read some dumb shit it isn't me lol

06:48, 09.10.2014

Wtf someone hacked my twitter....I didn't write that shit earlier

06:43, 09.10.2014

Meoww :-P http://t.co/pxo5CdtLMW

05:23, 18.09.2014

haha palmdaaaaale http://t.co/uWYkEPbMtn #pandora

04:29, 18.09.2014

Gone for a minute.. How r my lovely fans doing?!

05:01, 17.09.2014

Who wanna get sushi in the dirt ;)

05:48, 09.09.2014

21.9k yeeeeeah. i aint even doing shit lmao

12:19, 30.08.2014

passed the weed like a state test #wakenbake

20:23, 29.08.2014

more bootayyy http://t.co/DLuwFjcSal

06:14, 29.08.2014

workin on that booty http://t.co/oVPXQhPL3W

05:48, 29.08.2014

That bitch 187, that pussy killer..Call the reverend lol

20:05, 26.08.2014

my bf will shower in jail ..but refuses to shower with me #wtfiswrongwithme

20:01, 24.08.2014

Smoke break #greenisgood

05:03, 22.08.2014

Who's in Venice today?

17:51, 18.08.2014
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