Katja Kassin
Katja Kassin

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  • Born: 24.09.1979
  • Birthplace: Germany, Leipzig
  • Videos: 13
  • Height: 155
  • Weight: 55
Katja Kassin in Twitter: KatjaK4u

I'm sending out signed DVD for $25 Amazon gift card or signed 8x10 for $15 gift card (US only).

23:40, 13.11.2017

Finding a day care seems to be a real challenge. I hope I find one because I wanna go back to work.

22:39, 12.11.2017

The face baby makes when latching on kind of looks like a piraña trying to bite off your whole boob

10:41, 11.11.2017

Baby slept from 10pm to 2am for the first time. 4 full hours! Wow. It's like heaven.

12:59, 05.11.2017

Breastfeeding is making me hungry & thirsty all the time. I'm constantly like "Where are the snacks at?"

07:08, 04.11.2017

Just got my baby's social security card in the mail. It made being a parent feel super real.

22:20, 03.11.2017

I gave you life. I feed you with my own nurturing powers. So you may grow up to be committed to something the way I… https://t.co/0xkZ7KBq5R

02:35, 02.11.2017

I always thought breastfeeding is an easy automatic process but in fact it's learning a new challenging skill for mom & baby.

20:42, 30.10.2017

Baby is making progress on breast feeding. Only 3 (breast milk) bottles yesterday.

20:41, 30.10.2017

I cannot believe that this year I graduated with my masters degree, had a baby & got married. 2017 was kind to me.

01:09, 29.10.2017

I just got married

06:09, 28.10.2017

The lactation consultant gave me a nipple shield today & that has made a big difference. Baby only breastfed today.

06:29, 27.10.2017

We're also making progress breast feeding. So far baby was bottled fed breast milk & has developed artificial nipple preference.

06:28, 27.10.2017

Baby officially weights 6 lbs today. My preemie has gained a lot of weight since last week.

06:27, 27.10.2017

I need a make up artist on Friday around noon.

02:11, 25.10.2017

I still cannot believe I'm a mom now. When I look at my little angel I wonder how I was able to live my life without this.

21:14, 22.10.2017

First night at home with the baby as a little family. This is such a blessing.

04:46, 18.10.2017

The NICU pediatrician said that I might be able to take baby home tomorrow. This would be so amazing.

03:49, 17.10.2017

The pump is the reason why my baby can get the health benefits of breast milk while at the NICU even though we're not together (yet).

22:54, 16.10.2017

I want to express my deep gratitude to @FootSniffah for buying me my breast pump. I'm able to produce enough for baby & some extra

22:53, 16.10.2017

at urgent care. I hope I won't be hospitalized again. This whole having health problems is getting on my nerves. It's disruptive

20:06, 15.10.2017

I'm a new mom with a child in NICU care at the hospital. If you want to help out get me gift cards from my wishlist https://t.co/aoypwTeJPL

21:31, 14.10.2017

After only 4 days I can pump 20ml breast milk in one session already.

05:59, 13.10.2017

I finally got discharged from the hospital today. I'm going to be spending the next weeks recovering.

05:57, 13.10.2017

What's the word for the feeling you feel when you have to leave your baby at the NICU & let someone else feed it with the milk you pumped?

10:05, 12.10.2017

One day after surgery I feel really sore and tired but I'm hanging in there. It can only go forward from now.

07:25, 11.10.2017

I'm a new mom of a NICU baby born at 34 weeks +6 days due to complications. We're both still at the hospital now & things are gonna be great

04:15, 11.10.2017

Day 3 of this birthing process. Contractions getting stronger & squeezing tight. I'm farting up this place & there's nada I can do about it

16:09, 08.10.2017

I just inquired how I'm gonna go no 2 and they gave me a bed pan. This has officially become dehumanizing. I need drugs

08:09, 08.10.2017

always thought I'd be sitting out contractions on my birthing ball signing kumbaya, getting massage, trying these esoteric breathing things

06:47, 08.10.2017

And I'm totally gonna post all this stuff because that's the real deal. No sugar & spice. The raw unpretentious reality.

06:36, 08.10.2017

Just got the Foley catheter put into my cervix. That should dilate up to 3cm in the next 12 hours. Making progress

06:30, 08.10.2017

When I'm done with all this I will appreciate going to the bathroom. Watching the nurse drain my catheter bag is not so lovely.

03:13, 08.10.2017

Haven't taken a shower in 2 days and people are all up in my vag. Not fun

02:10, 08.10.2017

I feel a little sad that my health issue impacts the baby so that little one has to be born early. But I'm grateful for being a mom soon

20:41, 07.10.2017

This a bladder catheter has pros & cons. Not having to go pee every 2 mins is a positive side of it.

14:32, 07.10.2017

The pelvic exam was kind of uncomfortable but cervix is thinning according to plan. Should get some morphine in a minute.

14:31, 07.10.2017

I'm a bit stressed out about having a pre term baby. Little one will have to stay at the hospital for probably 2 weeks.

14:30, 07.10.2017

I'm at the hospital. I had to get induced early due to complications. The baby is gonna be here soon & I'll be a mom.

11:40, 07.10.2017

I'm sorry to inform you but ass shape or size has no relation to the birth process. I'm shocked anyone would think that.

10:13, 06.10.2017

The fear of child birth is kicking in. I'm supposed to push out a baby from my body. I'm terrified as hell.

06:09, 06.10.2017

✨Please support my fellow future social workers! ✨Fundraiser: MSW Scholarship https://t.co/79xeXWjIxm

01:45, 06.10.2017

I don't want the "compliment" if it involves a comparison, if it puts someone else down. I value all people & their uniqueness

23:51, 04.10.2017
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