James Deen
James Deen

Bryan Matthew Sevilla (born February 7, 1986), better known by his stage name James Deen, is an American pornographic actor and Director. In pornography Brian came at 18 years of age, drawing the attention of Directors on their difference from the traditional appearance of pornomodeli. 1880 worked in films as an actor and 22 - as a Director.

James Dean was born and raised in Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California. Father is a mechanical engineer at the jet propulsion Laboratory, the mother is an electronic engineer. James studied at the College of Pasadena, and after school he sold coffee in "Starbucks" in the next two years.

Early in his career, the actor worked with female partners older than himself. One angel Joanna was his girlfriend for six years until they broke up in 2010. In July 2013 pornographic actress Standing in one interview said that she also met James Dean. Brian is an army of fans teen girls, as a rule, not associated with the porn industry. the

In 2009 James Deen was nominated as "Male performer of the year" by Adult Video News at the age of 22, he became the youngest actor who has received this award. James Deen admits the actor of the calibre of Ryan Gosling. Bryan Matthew Sevilla, perhaps the most promising talent of the new generation in American porn is removed very much (more than 1500 films, an excellent result for the young actor, because he's not yet thirty). Such an attitude is not badly paid (about $20 000 per month) and is rapidly increasing audience of fans of adult cinema, which I love insanely talented actor.

Ethnic James Deen and Jewish adherents of Judaism. He likes to joke: "the Jews know we're better than everyone else."

The actor tried his hand in a conventional cinema. He played a major role in a feature film Paul Schrader's "the Canyons". The script for the film wrote a favorite of Martin Scorsese, Bret Easton – Ellis. And partner James was Lindsay Lohan. Along with acting James Dean is engaged in the directing, leads cooking shows, gives lectures about his life and safe sex in American colleges.

James Dean dreamed about a career of pornoaktrisa with kindergarten and moving decisively towards achieving its goals.

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  • Born: 07.02.1986
  • Birthplace: United States, Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California
  • Videos: 52
  • Height: 170
  • Weight: 68
James Deen in Twitter: jamesdeen

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The last supper - 1995

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Being James Deen is incredibly easy and fun... does anyone else want to do it for a while? Now taking job applications!!!!!

05:25, 20.11.2017

Dropping glasses just to hear them break

04:12, 20.11.2017

So the Christians and the pagans sat together at the table

03:24, 19.11.2017

I just listened to a Christian man pray for me to his god. At first I was bothered by this. then I realized all he… https://t.co/Uf6QoKYeC5

02:18, 19.11.2017

“I like big butts and I can not lie” is the most identifiable quote of all time

17:51, 18.11.2017

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21:00, 17.11.2017

Trees are cool... this is not a marijuana reference. I’m super into the woods and thinking about how much I love trees

18:15, 17.11.2017

I don’t know.... sex and stuff

04:41, 17.11.2017

Debating if I should drink another cup of coffee... or 10 more cups of coffee

22:16, 16.11.2017

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19:40, 14.11.2017

Such a big internet and I still can’t find anything on it that’s interesting other than porn

04:56, 14.11.2017

I spent my day fucking my friends wife up the ass on camera and it was god damn glorious

01:57, 14.11.2017

New post: The Phenom That Is Misty Stone And James Deen https://t.co/I8sRJCaoXK

21:00, 13.11.2017

Man these are good ideas... if only some rebel’s who hated tea thought of them

20:01, 13.11.2017

Jd4pres policy - as long as each state wasn’t violating these documents, people who live in a different state won’t… https://t.co/EOlNYaFQY8

19:59, 13.11.2017

Jd4pres policy- write down the few rules we as a union would want every citizen to abide by and all the rights that… https://t.co/JFy4I8L45Z

19:58, 13.11.2017

Jd4pres policy - each state receives sovereignty to operate as its own autonomous country in an american Union (try… https://t.co/X2uD2gLIJe

19:40, 13.11.2017
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