erik naytli
erik naytli

Eric Knightley is one of the most famous Russian porn actors of African descent. Eric is handsome, confident and sassy. He knows how to deliver incredible pleasure to even the most selective ladies. Eric Knightley jealous men, and women adore him. On the Internet you can find a huge number of videos where Eric is engaged in the pickup. Everything on the camera is his good buddy. Knightley meets with Russian beauties, and then cruelly those fries on camera. Everything that happens is incredibly realistic, it seems that this is the reality, and not specially planned production. In a huge number exactly like strawberries Eric Knightley starred, although he started his career in the porn industry in more standard genres.

Birthplace of the porn actor in St. Petersburg in 1989, my mum is Russian and my father is African. Real name - Ericsson Salvationis of Nizigiyimana. In the porn industry came when he was eighteen years old. Perfectly speaks Russian, because a lifetime spent in Russia. Graduated psychologist. In addition to strawberries worked as a stripper. His body is really perfect, and that allowed Eric to make a successful career in pornography. Was a member of the second season of the project "Holiday in Mexico", where many beauty showed him genuine interest. Absolutely not shy to say that starring in pornography, as nothing wrong in not seen. Indeed, Eric just found a profitable use of their sports body, there was nothing wrong, everyone earns as you can and know how. Eric Knightley often talks about what to eat the right girls, this is pure psychology and all of this can be easy to learn. The most important thing is to not be afraid of rejection, be persistent and a bit arrogant, but not to cross the border. In his opinion, each girl hides a naughty girl that needs our help to escape.

A variety of porn movies featuring Eric Knightley is very popular. This colored boy in the Prime of life knows how to punish sultry beauties. See the strawberry with the participation of Erika on our website, this is an incredibly passionate and interesting.

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  • Born: 02.02.1989
  • Birthplace: Russian Federation, St Petersburg
  • Videos: 44
  • Height: not specified
  • Weight: not specified
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