Amy Anderssen
Amy Anderssen

Amy Anderssen (Amy Anderssen) – canadian porn-mistress with incredibly huge milkings and sexy body. Chick knows how to fuck on camera and she knows what a complete submission. About the submission we do not knowingly remembered, after all, most Amy removed in the strawberry, where males dominate over her cruelly. Bitch punished powerfully in lascivious mouth, her razdrakonili the hole and tear the cap back on, Amy also knows what group fucking, when your holes are full to bursting with multiple cocks. This is not to say that all beauty is not like that in every video she is always giving one hundred percent and never cut any corners. Amy Anderssen just managed to find a niche in the global strawberry, and it skillfully plays his role. This cutie knows hot to fuck have to be versatile and with no restrictions.

Born future star hardcore pornography in Canada in 1985. In 2005, Amy appeared in the strawberries and very quickly she got wide lime due to its huge silicone breast. Andersen never concealed that its main charms (milking) are fake. From the beginning Amy proved themselves as being incredibly diligent porn diva, because as already noted, any scenes she did not refuse. In his early career pretty Gal was blonde and it is believed that white is her natural hair color. Although now most often she has black color hair, anyway, Amy loves to experiment with their hairstyles. Aliases she has a lot, but the most common one is Amy Anderssen, is a canadian porn actress and is known worldwide. It is very important that Amy doesn't just know but also love. Her fans very much, creating groups on social networks, entire websites and online communities. Really important prizes Busty chick has never won, but sometimes the love of the audience better than any awards, even the most prestigious.

Soon Amy Anderssen reached the age of thirty years, but this is clearly not the most significant age. In the strawberry it came much sooner and was able to do there, but it's also important that to leave the porn industry is not going Anderssen. Versatile see porn videos with titted slut Amy Anderssen on our website and get incredibly sharp impressions and sensations.

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  • Born: 04.05.1985
  • Birthplace: Canada
  • Videos: 31
  • Height: 160
  • Weight: 57
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You are very very hot
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找不到第二个这么极品的了为她 打了3年飞机
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العرب 20.10.2017
ثدیان کبیره و جمیله ایها امی اندرسن
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very very beautiful amy anderssen
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ilove you tits and amy anderssen
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i want to fuck you amy
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Amy,your super huge tits always make me crazy,I want to sex with you
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Amy Anderssen
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I love you amy and want to drink your milk
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I luv u amy, i realy realy luv u.
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I love you very much can you meet me
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I love you so cute girl
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I miss you amy anderssen???
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I lv u amy..i lv ur exprresion amy...i lv ur boobs amy...i lv u at all
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