Amai Liu
Amai Liu

Real name of an American porn actress Amai Liu - Stefana Albertson. Stevanna was born in Hawaii in 1990. In adult movies Albertson came very quickly, almost immediately after his 18th birthday. It is known under the following aliases: Tiny Tabby Miss Amai. And already two of these nicknames can be understood that Stefana very petite lady. Her height is only 154 cm and a weight from 34 to 36 pounds. And it is because of Asian appearance Amai initially filmed only in two genres of pornography: "Asian girls" and "Interracial sex". However, Liu quickly showed himself as a diligent and versatile porn actress, so in 2009 it began to remove all porn. She participated in lesbian productions, orgies, Masturbation and oral sex. And of course, that for all this the young actress has received a lot of money. Popularity among fans of strawberries it quickly came, now Liu just 24 years old, but it can be called a forerunner of the porn industry.

And not even the most ideal settings did not prevent Amai Liu to succeed. Her figure - 76-58-84, breast size first. That's why Amai is often called one of the most petite porn Actresses in the world. But with all this, no man will say that Liu is not attractive woman. Their freaks in bed she is any man would go crazy. It should also be noted that a miniature body Actresses no piercings, all her beauty is completely natural. And her small round nipples has already become history. Even in the U.S. there are several unofficial fan clubs Amai whose members are just crazy about her appearance. For pornography, Liu still in the Prime of life, but as already noted, she managed to pull in a huge number of movies. She actively collaborated with the following studios: Venom Digital Media, Red Light District, Voyeur Media, Combat Zone, Digital Sin. And leave the porn industry Liu has no plans that her fans can not but rejoice.

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  • Born: 02.08.1990
  • Birthplace: United States, Hawaii (Hawaiian Islands)
  • Videos: 11
  • Height: 154
  • Weight: 36
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Amai Liu in Twitter: amailiu

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08:16, 18.12.2015

I'm back at it on overdrive. Half of my old reliable team is back. Now I can trust what is set out to be done will be done. 👍

08:10, 18.12.2015

The Benadryl coma is real...omg

19:53, 24.10.2015

And my ass of an ex stole my phone, logged into my accounts. Now that it's all fixed back to bed rest to get better ugh

15:25, 15.10.2015

Whenever you lose someone it's customary to drink and reminisce. I've lost so many people in the last 18 months I am disgusted my liquor.

04:14, 30.09.2015

Please report as the pimp and @backpage haven't responded to my request for my images to be removed.

01:10, 30.09.2015

I am not good at comforting people. I always say the wrong thing. Time to go mute for a while.

09:12, 29.09.2015

I lost 2 family members in 30 minutes. I've lost more family and friends in the past 18 months than anyone I know. Loss shouldn't be routine

08:57, 29.09.2015

Some guy emailed telling me about his love of frogs and only I know him truly.... I know he had to proofread it before clicking

08:08, 28.09.2015

I get anywhere from 50-100 emails of pure nonsense a day and always wonder what are people thinking when formulating emails about nonsense.

07:58, 28.09.2015

Sending the same email asking why I won't give a chance to a random fan that I've already responded to is a good way to get marked as spam.

07:54, 28.09.2015

Some drunk idiot just tried to play chicken with a car... Smh

08:51, 27.09.2015

4 states, 3 days, 1 Pope and 5k orange cones in the way

08:49, 27.09.2015

I have some of the coolest, sweetest pets ever. 😍

03:13, 27.09.2015

Drive way too much. Changing the front brakes, stocking up on grape soda then on to DC.

20:31, 26.09.2015

I think I'll wait until he's done editing before demolishing his balls 😂

04:07, 25.09.2015

My editor is about to become my new ball busting video guy.

04:05, 25.09.2015

Watching this idiot edit and I'm flipping my hair (which is 8 inches shorter than in the video he's editing) and nothing.

04:04, 25.09.2015

I cut my hair. Since my hair is up when I'm not shooting no one has noticed.....if it were 8 inches of your dick gone you'd notice.

03:57, 25.09.2015

#Philadelphia #music #GoodbyeSummer

06:44, 24.09.2015

Not sending iMessages, finicky email app, data button toggling off...this iPhone wants to get dropped in the ocean...

04:48, 24.09.2015

If you don't have a spoon don't estimate and just pour cough syrup into your mouth....

21:57, 22.09.2015

My mail app and iMessages keep failing on me since I updated... This phone is just a calculator and camera now. Ugh

18:53, 22.09.2015

Squid jerky and pumpkin pie will suffice, yet no one has any. 😤

18:50, 22.09.2015

The day never ends. Need gummy worms and liquor, now!

05:51, 22.09.2015

I can't wait to be done with the day and get some cuddle time in

03:50, 22.09.2015

Almost back to Philly and my fuzzy blankets. 2 more hours to go!

08:17, 21.09.2015

I cannot wait to get in tomorrow morning and nap. I miss my fuzzy blankets. 💜

20:49, 20.09.2015

Fall is just about here! W/ @KennyLeePhotos

08:04, 20.09.2015

Anyone else having issues with their iMessages and email after updating iOS or is it just my bad luck with iPhones?

00:31, 20.09.2015

From DC to AC to Philly. Left my Benadryl in DC, my Claritin in do I keep doing this to myself lol

21:05, 18.09.2015

I believe every time I get blood drawn they take extra and there's a vampire who is behind it all...

18:22, 16.09.2015

When you're so tired the floor becomes increasingly comfortable to the point where it becomes an option over walking to the bed...

00:30, 16.09.2015

Making a straight chick bi-curious without trying and too exhausted to appreciate it or get an ego boost from it...I need a nap now...

00:27, 16.09.2015

Trying to get files from a dropped external hardrive has got to be the most tedious project no one is actually good at...

10:06, 15.09.2015

Emotions don't actually come from the heart, they come from the brain...or lsd.

08:13, 15.09.2015

When the Eagles lose and everyone in your place goes apeshit....ugh

05:14, 15.09.2015

I don't tolerate those who refuse to listen or to use common sense. There just aren't enough hours in the day to put forth the effort. 😓

20:53, 14.09.2015

Bitching at me for having a tattoo when my tattoo was clear in my port and something I noted at the time of booking...smh

20:49, 14.09.2015

Trying to find a dead phone can drive someone crazy...

23:09, 13.09.2015

So glad I don't bank with Bank of America anymore. They're the absolute worst.

18:34, 12.09.2015

One more meeting, then bed! Yay!

06:14, 12.09.2015

I only use Instagram and Twitter for communicating with my fans.

05:30, 12.09.2015

All day ppl have been talking about my Facebook, Snapchat and IG. The only IG is amai_liu. The rest saying Amai Liu are fake. Please report

05:28, 12.09.2015

Outside for 2 mins and got tagged up by mosquitos on my arm. They must know my blood tastes like maple syrup from all the sugar I consume.

12:28, 11.09.2015

I spend way too much time traveling. I just realized all of my daily use stuff is travel sized...😓

06:44, 11.09.2015

While we play catch up on the backed up clips and customs to edit feel free to check out

02:59, 10.09.2015

Dear gawd should I shank a redneck it will be of no fault of mine...

05:23, 09.09.2015

Seriously rednecks will be the end of me...

05:21, 09.09.2015

Seriously f this...been trying to get connection in pennsyltucky for 5 hours....fudge monkeys...

05:18, 09.09.2015

Oh internet you are a brutal mistress. You come and go..come and go.. Fuck a duck...

05:08, 09.09.2015

No more working on Labor Day. I need a firecracker Popsicle and a nap.

21:20, 07.09.2015

I know I'm going to find one of those earrings when I go to sit down or I'll step on one. 😓

02:52, 06.09.2015

Lost 3 black diamond earrings, but 2 green ones didn't fall out. Seriously the odds of that happening... 😓

02:45, 06.09.2015

My friend is forcing me to use afrin because he can't stand to see me suffer through allergies...fudge...

10:08, 05.09.2015

My little man is wearing my pikachu briefs and just flashed them. Apparently nothing is sacred. Tempted to mail his ass back to Vietnam.

06:26, 03.09.2015

Had my phone dead during work and plugged my phone in and I'm still getting a million iMessages.

06:24, 03.09.2015

Phone is on 12% and I need to go to work. It's going to be one of those days. 😅

14:53, 02.09.2015

Fall is coming. Good bye seasonal allergies !

07:54, 02.09.2015

I have bad allergies and pigtails...if you get your ass kicked by my cute self when I can't breathe you need to reevaluate your life.

07:39, 02.09.2015

I offered this guy the opportunity to apologize on behalf of his girl or to get his ass kicked for her disrespect and he drove away smh

07:38, 02.09.2015

If you're going to be a drug dealer at least have Benadryl...I need it..seriously man.

07:13, 02.09.2015

Stupidity of others will be the end of me lol

07:10, 02.09.2015

Just told off a bitch drug dealer who tried to hang. I have impressionable nieces and nephews nearby. I don't f with you! 😏

07:03, 02.09.2015

Fudge allergies. I can't breathe. Ugh.

07:00, 02.09.2015

Another Datsun 240Z. Made some guy come about 300 miles to bring me this ish.

06:32, 30.08.2015

My grieving process. Fuck off a wedding and buy a project car on the anniversary of my mentor's logical.

06:30, 30.08.2015

For 6 years I've kept this article in my wallet and him in my heart. RIP. I love you Bong. 8/29/2009.

04:47, 30.08.2015

Resolution: give more of myself to family. ✈️ get on track.

07:37, 27.08.2015

Everytime a family member passes away I say I'm going to spend more time home, but then bs and go home like 3 times a year.

07:30, 27.08.2015

My aunt just passed away. Definitely wasn't prepared for that kind of news today.

01:05, 27.08.2015

When your homeboy hears you forgot your meds, shows up with your meds, fruit and flowers...that's what's up. Sweet af

23:11, 26.08.2015

E.coli detected in Windward side water ish, but supposedly is ok to sister's probably chugging that ish like what's e.coli? 😓

22:54, 26.08.2015

iPhone needs to stop making me tell people to go duck themselves. Duck you iPhone.

22:09, 26.08.2015

My demands of no electronics in the bathroom and no drinking of my grape soda are about to cause a mutiny. >_<

10:53, 26.08.2015

This male to female ratio is starting to annoy me....

10:24, 26.08.2015

I asked why men don't shave their legs and underarms. Being the only female in the room they're looking at me like an alien...seriously.

10:23, 26.08.2015

There's a rule here. You don't take your electronics into the bathroom. Apparently that makes me a ruthless dictator...

10:17, 26.08.2015

Apparently saying "taking a leak" isn't very lady like...that's the thing he chooses to say isn't lady like...alright buddy lol

10:14, 26.08.2015

That awkward moment when it's late night, people are still working in silence and everyone hears that one dude who had to take a leak.

10:10, 26.08.2015

Beyoncé - If I Were A Boy via @YouTube

08:30, 26.08.2015

Go follow @GYNTK to see tweets and pics of the hottest cam girls, porn stars and hotties on the web.

07:04, 26.08.2015

#fetishfamily @cjlee89 @jasoninja after dinner. Back to work now. 😝

06:32, 26.08.2015

A bit more work then bed. 😜

14:07, 25.08.2015

14:02, 25.08.2015

I need a massage, Archer and pie. Baaaad

07:24, 25.08.2015

In the past 24 hours I have taken on 4 new projects. Now I'm trying to hire on multilingual techies, because I am just overwhelmed lol

07:23, 25.08.2015

"rescue me or avenge me, as appropriate" ^_^

05:27, 25.08.2015
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