Abby Cross
Abby Cross

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Year of birth – 1992, city – Austin. Already at the age of fifteen began to work in McDonald's, she got a job. Then worked as a bartender and came up to the dancers. And strawberry in 2012, it turned out, the agents noticed her, Cross was cast and the beginning of a lot to do. It was noted, in lesbian pornography it removed a lot from the very beginning that Abby Cross and chose. Also removed a lot of feature in porn, there are story lines, and great joy. Therefore, we can say that Abby just knows how to perfectly debauchery in front of cameras, she has acting talent. And, of course, Abby Cross has appeared in several porn parodies, now such tapes are extremely popular and often produced.

She likes all the porn she does. Therefore, her social network pages and full of candid photos, like from the shoot and personal character. Beauty Abby found themselves in the American porn and has yet to retire she has no plans. She's young, attractive, emotional, and so to say, you are a good slut. She knows how to receive pleasure and willing to share it with affiliates and partners. Watching porn with a hottie Abby Cross, you will heat and cool experience.

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  • Born: 05.10.1992
  • Birthplace: United States, Austin, Texas
  • Videos: 5
  • Height: 157
  • Weight: 53
Abby Cross in Twitter: abbycrossxxx

ATX I’m coming for you!

22:30, 04.11.2017

It’s been real NYC but time for me to go back to LaLa land!

19:55, 28.10.2017

I don’t ever want to drink again😩

16:02, 28.10.2017

Seriously the Caesar salad at Pietro’s in NYC is hands down the BEST!!!

00:09, 26.10.2017

These braids tho, I’m thinkin bout getting my hair done again! What y’all think?

21:31, 25.10.2017

Morning y’all☕️

16:24, 24.10.2017

I need help... what should I be for Halloween this year?

20:08, 23.10.2017

I’m excited to get out of LA for a little bit, NYC here I come!!

15:05, 22.10.2017

I get to fuck a girl tomorrow, can y’all guess who?!?!?

01:22, 15.10.2017

#tellmeyouloveme🎶 Wow @ddlovato you killed this song!! #onrepeat❤️

18:25, 14.10.2017

New York I’m coming for you October 22nd-27th!! For booking info please email🗽

19:13, 11.10.2017


20:21, 08.10.2017

I had someone tell me I fell off, ohh I needed that.

10:28, 28.09.2017

#dicktoobomb left this pussy drippin💦

23:32, 27.09.2017

Just paid $100 for a whack ass manicure here in Maui🙄

04:56, 11.07.2017

Lovin Hawaii🏝 this vacation was much needed!!

00:46, 07.07.2017


05:04, 06.07.2017

I'm completely broken💔 that phone call made me numb, my father just passed away. On my way home to be with family.

01:09, 08.06.2017

Missin Cali🌴🌊☀️

02:06, 23.04.2017

I dare you, tongue kiss it👅

17:01, 06.04.2017

Happy Valentine's Day💝

19:17, 14.02.2017

Shooting customs, serious inquiries only. Email

18:56, 07.02.2017

What a great way to start the day @hamburgermaryss! #baconinfusedwaffles #happybdaymom

23:13, 21.01.2017

I couldn't sleep last night could be cuz I'm still on New York time or just excited my mom gets in town today!

18:05, 20.01.2017

I sat next to some fine ass chocolate on my flight and I couldn't stop thinkin about grabbin his dick🙈I clearly didn't but wish I did😏🍆💦

08:38, 19.01.2017

Just landed in LA and can't wait to spark this blunt💨

08:32, 19.01.2017

Last night in NYC🏙

18:45, 17.01.2017

Im back bitchess!! Got in the gym today after my 3 week break and my trainer kicked my ass, I was dyin inside but murdered that workout!

03:35, 11.01.2017

👉🏼theabbycross👈🏼 follow my ass on @Snapchat

19:12, 05.01.2017

I want to apologize to those who have purchased items from me sorry for the delay I will be sending those packages out tomorrow morning💌📦💌

03:45, 04.01.2017

I dreamed last night that I had a long make out sesh with Angelina Jolie, I'm obsessed with this woman's lips! #dontwakemeup💋 #bestdreamever

00:22, 03.01.2017

Have you ever had a dream so real that you didn't want to wake up from it?

00:18, 03.01.2017

Happy New Year🍾

11:53, 01.01.2017

Wanna buy my used panties, shoes or outfits I've worn in your favorite scene???? Check out the link in my bio to my…

20:27, 30.12.2016


10:40, 30.12.2016

The one thing I love bout going back home other then of course spending time wit the fam, it truly humbles me as a person #missinATXalready

10:31, 30.12.2016

I'm officially homesick😔 this time was so hard for me to leave, I think it's about that time to move back to Texas!

08:27, 30.12.2016

I just ordered my whole family matching pjs for Christmas lol this is gunna be epic😝

04:02, 07.12.2016

Thank y'all for the birthday wishes😘 I've had the best day surrounded by positive people!! Today was good day!

11:08, 30.11.2016

Y'all been askin for awhile now, I do read your emails so I'll be selling merchandise like outfits I've worn in your favorite scene..

00:38, 23.11.2016

..panties, shoes, 8x10s, DVDs and my T-shirts are coming soon! Serious inquiries only💋

00:37, 23.11.2016

Planning a getaway weekend wit my girl and we thinkin...New Orleans!! I don't know if they ready for this duo😈👯✈️

04:56, 15.11.2016

09:46, 11.11.2016

I know it's bout to be a good day when I start it off by listenin to @_MAXWELL_

19:26, 03.11.2016

It's officially my birthday month♐️😝

01:50, 03.11.2016

Serious inquiries only, Email to order #imshootincustoms4yall #yourfantasyvideoawaits…

05:25, 02.11.2016

Thank you #Hannah @hannahaqdesign for this set💅🏼❤️ #Chanel #blackandwhite #nailsonfleek…

22:06, 01.11.2016

Happy Halloween🎃🕸👻

19:03, 31.10.2016

I'm thinking about selling some merchandise, If I have T-shirts made would y'all buy them?

20:37, 25.10.2016

Mornin☕️ Hope y'all have a great day!!

20:36, 25.10.2016

I hate unpacking, that shit been sittin there for a week lol finally got around to putting it away!

07:38, 21.10.2016

#wakeprayslay #girlyoukillinem #faceonfleek #datredlipdoe💋

04:53, 20.10.2016

Gym time!

01:50, 20.10.2016

#🎶onrepeat Drake - Sweeterman [Explicit]

02:46, 17.10.2016

I enjoy a good nasty make out sesh, like the ones we had back in middle school👅🙌🏽💦

02:19, 17.10.2016


17:27, 15.10.2016

Reunited wit wifey today @TheJaclynTaylor!! Missed you girl, we can't go that long without seeing each other lol

01:59, 15.10.2016

Im so full, just stuffed my face at #amayas🌮 before headin to the airport. See you soon LA✈️

22:17, 13.10.2016

Gettin this workout in real quick💪🏽

20:15, 11.10.2016

Mornin y'all

16:40, 11.10.2016


06:55, 11.10.2016

#dirty6th #downtownATX #alwaysonmyworstbehavor👅 #toulouse #witsomebaddies

06:52, 11.10.2016

Watching The Little Rascals!

05:52, 11.10.2016

Feels so good to be home🏡

19:59, 07.10.2016

Leave it to me to sell my girls maintenance man some Cali weed!!

18:59, 07.10.2016

I'm finally shootin customs 4 y'all, email inquiries only💋

06:03, 07.10.2016

Ain't nothin in the whole wide world, like a southern girl❤️ #2016route91

20:28, 04.10.2016

I had a blast this weekend with these ladies @Route91Harvest! @AJsApplebooty @MilaVanDamme @LauraBlaiseKonz thank y…

20:08, 04.10.2016

I feel a sin comin on😈 Vegas I'm here!

01:23, 30.09.2016

Brunch wit @diamondkittyxxx🍾

22:43, 18.09.2016

Woke up this mornin finally feelin better, I think I'll leave the house today!

19:01, 12.09.2016

High AF

05:41, 12.09.2016

Goin through this box of Kleenex🤒

04:04, 11.09.2016

Damn that flight was long but made it back to LA!! Can't wait to get to my car and lite up this blunt😁

22:38, 10.09.2016

En route to Boston✈️

19:18, 09.09.2016

I'm exhausted after this weekend, that shit was way 2 lit😝 but time to hit this gym gotta get back wit it!!

21:06, 06.09.2016

Mornin y'all

19:18, 06.09.2016

#thisweekendwaslitAF #laborday2016 #blowninKK #upupandaway #colorado4thenight #TGOD #❤️…

05:00, 06.09.2016

That lil pussy got some power💁🏼

00:25, 25.08.2016


01:34, 24.08.2016


19:11, 23.08.2016
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