Aaliyah Love
Aaliyah Love

Skinny blonde Aaliyah Love looks young, she is a petite babe who in a powerful and hot pleasures for a lot of things. The debauchery begins and Aliya Love is reincarnated, she wants more and more, this is her nature, more comfort and delicious debauchery. She willingly bolts serves also Love loves lesbian pleasures, in these commercials, it is often removed. And this Charmer, almost always smiling and is in a great mood, because she likes everything that she does.

Year of birth – 1985 (looking at Aaliyah, it's not too hard to believe, as stated, she seems young), Chicago (USA). So it was that in porn in 2003, she was the pretty one was only eighteen, but the arrival of strawberries was fully conscious and deliberate. First, do not cooperate with the most famous studios, but it quickly noticed and career aliyah Love started to move up. Here is what she has worked and works - Twistys, Holly Randall, Babes, Art Lingerie, AZIANI, and it is the famous producers of pornography. More than ten years this slim blonde in hot porn is and yet to leave him, she has no plans. She was eighteen, as has been noted, it turns out that in pornography, Love has spent about half his life, an enviable performance. In this case, the star of the first values, it did not, but there was always a porn diva, whose name, like studios, or fans of adult films. In social networks actively Aaliyah Love their pages leads, she also wants attention and fame.

Her height – 157 cm, weight – 48 kilograms, are actually miniature settings. Plus damsels its chest, albeit not the biggest, something between the first and second dimensions. In General, her beauty is natural. And large Breasts for such a petite girl could not go, and everything is natural and naturally looks.

It was noted that while the Lav to leave the porn industry has no plans, maybe she can't see my life without strawberries. And her fans, this situation should only make us happy, Aaliyah Love, will continue to play and cool themselves in porn to realize. Here is the video with her participation you will find only the coveted rollers and genuine brilliance.

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  • Born: 03.03.1985
  • Birthplace: United States, Chicago
  • Videos: 2
  • Height: 157
  • Weight: 48
Aaliyah Love in Twitter: aaliyahlove69

Just got to set and look who eye see.. @cheriedeville https://t.co/V2YLpBDQHS

00:06, 15.11.2017

I️ need that Gemini shirt and these 2 items and Ill be happy 4ever! https://t.co/5DTFyY8iCc

08:41, 14.11.2017

Lol gotta RT this, @CherieDeVille where I️t all began lol! https://t.co/7zDBGNCklv

08:36, 14.11.2017

I have now worn every bra+panty set I have in at least 1 (5) scenes.. I need some new porn wardrobe lol

03:58, 14.11.2017

💗💗💗 @girlswaynetwork members check I️t out!! https://t.co/Glu08AGZ2j

03:38, 14.11.2017

Wurd! Exactly my thoughts today… https://t.co/nCu3GxAbFV

03:23, 14.11.2017

there should be an app that limits your time on social media. or at least keeps track of every minute you spend on… https://t.co/hlHXlIwT2J

03:08, 14.11.2017

I made a @mysexyauctions account! https://t.co/yFDDGaDO04

03:02, 14.11.2017

Obv I️ need the pink one💁🏼💕🐶🐻 https://t.co/H2OTRUJ0Kf

02:34, 14.11.2017

The apple update is fucking up my hilarious tweets😭😞😡

02:26, 14.11.2017

I️ ALWAYS want water squirted on my butthole. I️TS amazing! https://t.co/HRfrcN21pH

02:26, 14.11.2017

I️ think about this every day, tbh. Why don’t we at least have bidets in USA? Filthy animals! https://t.co/AR6ITgXOtx

02:21, 14.11.2017

Hey Porn peeps.. Who are the good, dependable “young guy” male performers lately?

21:50, 13.11.2017

💦👅😉 https://t.co/TMRzbK7K4n

06:20, 13.11.2017

Lol!🖕😜🖕 https://t.co/30wrvnN7hw

01:38, 13.11.2017

Damn that was a good scene! @ZTentertainment @abella_danger @mikequasar https://t.co/HxIFLHW1RM

23:38, 12.11.2017

Thank you to everyone who came to our @CamSodaLive show! I’m SO cum drunk now!😋💦💦 @CherieDeVille 😘💕

08:16, 12.11.2017

Doing a few “feature shows” on @CamSodaLive a month (tonight!) and will be on @realstreamate in Nov/Dec doing pvt s… https://t.co/IgZoMsfyHo

04:15, 12.11.2017

OMG Ive only done a non-solo webcam show in MY studio once, like 10yrs ago! feels so personal, like inviting someone into my inner sanctuary

04:10, 12.11.2017

Oh man I️ gotta take my dog Bear to the vet on Wednesday and I have a pit in my stomach hoping he’s ok.. 😞

03:11, 12.11.2017

Today! @CherieDeVille and I️ doing two live shows for @CamSodaLive you better be there!!❤️ https://t.co/cN10zrTakq

02:51, 12.11.2017

Exploring on set https://t.co/V2YLpBDQHS

07:56, 11.11.2017

The house we shot in today was SO beautiful, and so was Kate England!😻 Creepin a... https://t.co/V2YLpBDQHS

07:41, 11.11.2017

Omg wow @naughtyamerica https://t.co/AWebHKgL31

06:50, 11.11.2017

Ahhhh I️ might have to upload these pics+vids to my onlyfans when I️ get home! Weak wifi is fuckin w my hustle!😾🙈

03:54, 11.11.2017

Having such a fun day on set! Took this right before driving Brando’s car while getting fingered by @kateengland21 😎 https://t.co/sHeRSx2ZSS

03:43, 11.11.2017

Oh yeah we took over the ZZ Snapchat today, check I️t out (and click on our links!)💁🏼 https://t.co/xqzj21lx9g

03:43, 11.11.2017

Omfgggg https://t.co/sSMtK8LdkB

01:50, 11.11.2017

Hello from set💕 https://t.co/CuA4fV8Vos

22:14, 10.11.2017

Playing around in this fancy hotel room in some sexy lingerie, taking some naughty pics.. this… https://t.co/dbOCo04qBP

10:44, 10.11.2017

😋 https://t.co/GMqRxbCxoA

04:54, 10.11.2017

Guy.. or camera! https://t.co/x0DBuF9C57

03:06, 10.11.2017

Dear Santa baby, I’m a Gemini♊️❣️ https://t.co/RJ52AFUrWm

02:49, 10.11.2017

Before ✨ After the hair salon today💇🏼 https://t.co/V2YLpBDQHS

02:43, 10.11.2017

every day lol https://t.co/IP0Pehk5kx

02:00, 10.11.2017

I like that my super old scenes are mixed in w new releases here.. can you tell the difference? https://t.co/7mUXsmvlFf @lemmecheck

02:00, 10.11.2017

giggling while going thru the bag of "milf clothes" @CherieDeVille donated to me, because I have memories of peelin… https://t.co/0IK8I39s1K

01:56, 10.11.2017

I have so many pics on this very spot, I feel like I live here!😴 what is everybo... https://t.co/V2YLpBDQHS

23:44, 09.11.2017

Always one of my fav categories!😂 https://t.co/zVnTAgF44o

23:03, 09.11.2017

Oooh I️ just started masturbating a little reading tomorrow’s script😊😋

22:41, 09.11.2017

A super duper migraine has taken me out for the day☹️ plz tune back into the Aaliyah show tomorrow

02:35, 09.11.2017

Catching up on the news from today like.. America, fuck yeah! https://t.co/kHWaj6sZ1X

10:55, 08.11.2017

aww yeah let's party https://t.co/9zlorTBD3A

08:49, 08.11.2017

Whenever I'm slated to work w a girl I haven't met yet, I just look her up (perv out on her) on… https://t.co/kJ0lyFXAZr

06:27, 08.11.2017

Lol sounds like something I’d say! https://t.co/WQaJGZtV3y

05:57, 08.11.2017

Today I️ was naked and Holly was naked and so was Cherie and we hugged!😋 https://t.co/olrWFH96j3

05:56, 08.11.2017

Dancing around the house all sexy-like to Otis Redding😋 I’ve got dreams to rememberr

22:17, 07.11.2017

I hope everyone had an awesome Monday! I know I did! Gnite! https://t.co/43RulfLVLQ

10:08, 07.11.2017

remember that time I met Bryci, then I fucked Bryci and her husband. And I was t... https://t.co/V2YLpBDQHS

10:07, 07.11.2017

one minute I'm listing auctions+answering emails, next minute I'm buying Xmas decorations on amazon omg how did I get here?!

09:06, 07.11.2017

This is one of my fav pics ever! @CherieDeVille https://t.co/fgRPAMdrCX

05:37, 07.11.2017

I am purging and have soooo much smutty smut to get rid of!

04:49, 07.11.2017

hey porn girls.. so @mysexyauctions is how we are all selling our stuffs now?

04:44, 07.11.2017

life is so good!!

03:51, 07.11.2017

It’s chilly out, stay home tonight and jerk off to: https://t.co/RSffDocrCh

03:46, 07.11.2017

Sugar Rush pin-up pic set https://t.co/V2YLpBDQHS

01:09, 07.11.2017
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